White, Gold, and Black Double Handled Crock Bowl


I never get tired of this combination of white glaze paired with this deep black tenmoku that features gorgeous golden specks.


These double handled crocks never cease to remind me of a delicious bowl of chowder in the winter months. The handles make it easier to maneuver a hot bowl around the house, as well as keeping your hands from burning when removing from the microwave.


Each piece of pottery is crafted from stoneware clay and thrown on the potter’s wheel. After they dry a bit, I trim a foot on each piece and allow them to dry slowly. After that, they are bisque fired in an electric kiln. I then glaze each piece in a 3-step glazing process. Finally, the pots go back into the electric kiln and are glaze fired to cone 6. After a thorough sanding to ensure soft bottoms, they are ready for my happy customers! 


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Each piece is a carefully handcrafted, one of kind ceramic piece, down to every detail.

Painstakingly crafted doesn’t mean fragile, every piece is dishwasher, food, & microwave-safe.

Weight1.5 lbs
Dimensions6 × 6 × 4 in
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